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Resources to improve PRS standards

Easily adaptable resources to distribute to your landlords


  • These pages contain resources that are easy to adapt and distribute to your landlords.
  • The resources can help with starting a conversation with landlordsaround common issues and how to ensure compliance with statutory obligations

Private Landlord Support Officers have found that many landlords have significant gaps in knowledge and understanding. This can lead to poor practice and damaging experiences for tenants. These pages provide local authorities with the resources you need to increase the skills of the landlords in your area.

The resources cover each aspect of the landlord’s responsibility:

Resources are designed for you to pass on directly to landlords in your area, equipping them with the checklists and information they need to fulfill their role according to best practice.

All documents are downloadable, adaptable and printable. You can edit them to fit your particular local authority’s needs and requirements, including adding your logo and rebranding.

We ask that you do not charge landlords for their use.

You can also link landlords to online and face-to-face training available from Shelter Scotland, Landlord Accreditation Scotland and other sector bodies.

Letting agents

also have an important role in the development and maintenance of standards in the PRS. Letting agents should help landlords to comply with all relevant statutory obligations and many landlords will look first to their letting agent for advice. As a local authority, you can make landlords aware of the role of local responsible letting agents. Agents need to adhere to stautory guidelines too which include registering to the Letting Agent Register which is publicly searchable.

Informed tenants

Informing tenants about what they should expect from their landlord is also a positive way to provide accountability and encourage good practice in the sector. One option would be to provide them with this checklist for viewing a property and contact details for your PLSO if the tenant identifies a landlord who is in breach of his/her statutory duties.

For example Aberdeen City Council sent a printed information sheet for tenants by mail to every PRS property in their area. There is a financial cost to doing this and you may want to see whether other parts of your local authority are planning to mail any information to residents and if so, to share costs with them.

Shelter Scotland has produced a ‘Toolkit for Tenants’, which includes resources and free training to help people who rent understand their rights and responsibilities. You may wish to include a link to this information on your own websites.

The Housing and Property Chamber

The Housing and Property Chamber plays an important role. Making landlords aware of the potential consequences of not following regulations can be a useful tool for local authorities in driving up standards in the PRS and avoiding illegal evictions.

Landlords may want to access independent legal advice, however general guidance on current procedures can be found at Housing and Property Chamber too.

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