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Getting Repairs Done

If you’re renting privately, you have a duty to report repairs to your landlord and they must make sure the property meets the criteria of the Repairing Standard.

Responsibility for repairs

Reporting the problem

As soon as you become aware of the repair you should let your landlord know. This is best done via email or letter, you can use our letter template to report the repair. Make sure the email or letter includes what the problem is, date and your address (and keep a copy of the letter/email).

Include as much information about the repair as possible, for example:

  • Photos of the disrepair
  • Inform the landlord If there is any damage to your possessions or if you’ve had to replace anything
  • If you’ve had the disrepair looked at by a builder or other professional, include their assessment of the problem
  • A doctor's note if the disrepair is affecting your health.

Your landlord must make sure the property meets the Repairing Standard and Tolerable Standard at the start of tenancy.

You might want to note down when you reported the repairs so you can see easily when you told them what. The repairs should be fixed in a reasonable amount of time.

If the problem is making the property unsafe the repair should be carried out urgently.

If the repairs aren't done

Your first step should be writing again to your landlord.

Repeat what you said in the previous letter and include a copy of that letter. Ask when they intend to do the repair and ask them to talk to you about arranging access.

The Housing and Property Chamber of the First-Tier Tribunal for Scotland

If the landlord still doesn’t fix the repairs, and the property does not meet the repairing standard, you can apply to the Housing and Property chamber of the First-Tier Tribunal for Scotland.

Applying is free. However, If you want to get advice from a solicitor, you won't be able to get help with legal costs, even if you are on a low income.

To apply, fill in application Form A.

The form comes with guidance explaining what you need to do to apply.

Post your completed application form along with any evidence to:

Housing and Property Chamber, First-tier Tribunal for Scotland
4th Floor
1 Atlantic Quay
45 Robertson Street
G2 8JB

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